The Answers You Need

Why don't students report through the police, shouldn't it be a criminal conviction?

As of now, when a student is found responsible for sexual misconduct, their school will not know, regardless of how they're found responsible. So, even if a student has been found responsible through the criminal courts, and they apply to a college, their school will not be aware.

What about those who make false accusations? Do the notations stay on the transcript forever?

According to RAINN, the prevalence of false reporting is between 2-8%. There will be an appeal process, and students will be able to accompany the notation with a statement. The notation terminates five years after a disciplinary proceeding is completed, or one year after the initiation of a proceeding if it is still pending.

How can I get involved?

Sharing our petition and social media accounts to raise awareness is a huge part of being involved! This is an issue that not many people are aware of, so shedding light on this campaign is massive. If you click on the Involvement tab, you can find information for volunteering with us.